Лостове, тежести, щипки

Racks, Rigs, & Platforms

designed to meet the demands of high-performance athletes and facilities

Discover Hammer Strength’s ecosystem of racks,
which is coach-approved and athlete-validated.

The Heavy Duty (HD) ecosystem represents Hammer Strength’s array of racks, rigs, and more. Each product is engineered to withstand
igorous testing and certification, surpassing relevant EN and ASTM standards.

From the dynamic and evolving capability of HD Elite iD to the versatile performance of Perimeter, the HD ecosystem represents tools that
are designed to elevate your training experience—all proudly manufactured in the USA.

The Ultimate Rack System

HD Elite iD

As you continue to push the boundaries of your training, you need a rack system that can keep up and remain unphased—HD Elite iD is that system.  With unique 4X3, 7-gauge training uprights, this is Hammer Strength’s premiere rack system—designed to thrive in the most demanding athletic environments.

Hammer Strength Standard Racks

HD Athletic NX

Designed with modularity in mind, NX racks are made using 3X3, 11-gauge training uprights and can be right-sized to fit any space without compromising performance.  NX is ideal for high schools and training facilities that deserve Hammer Strength level quality and want the choices to create the perfect fit.

A compact and versatile rack system

HD Perimeter

Perimeter is a compact training system designed for training areas where space is at a premium. Made using 3X3, 11-gauge training uprights, this system combines Olympic training, functional training, and accessory storage, all in a compact footprint.

Train harder and heavier


Hammer Strength platforms are compatible with HD Elite iD, HD Athletic NX and HD Perimeter. You can easily integrate the platforms into your existing equipment. Impact Suppression Platforms are 50% quieter than a traditional wooden platform, so you can create a more peaceful training environment.

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