Стойки за аксесоари

Storage Racks

Innovative solutions for every facility.

Our best-in-class storage racks combine space-saving
designs and rugged durability so you can better organize
everything from free weights to foam rollers.

More Time PRing, Less Time Laboring

Dumbbells & Barbell Storage

Dumbbells and barbells are time-tested tools to build muscle and strength. Yet retrieving and returning them often congests the facility and slows down sessions. Hammer Strength’s line of dumbbell and barbell storage solutions are designed to free up floor space and cut down set-up time. The result? Less time laboring between sets, more time hitting new PRs.

Built to Support Your Strength Journey

Plate Storage

If strength has a sound, it’s the rattle of weight plates being added to a bar. Hammer Strength’s robust plate storage solutions easily stow hundreds of pounds in a small footprint. Designed to safely support a diverse range of plate materials and sizes, getting stronger has never been so simple. 

Maximize Space, Minimize Mess

Accessories Storage

An arsenal of powerful accessories is crucial to a well-equipped gym. Yet too often, accessories end up stored in a disorganized and careless manner. Enter Life Fitness Accessory Storage Racks. These customizable racks utilize vertical storage to safely stow a huge range of accessories in an ultra-compact footprint. This is the rack for your med balls, stability balls, kettlebells, foam rollers, sand bags, resistance bands, jump ropes, BOSU balls, dumbbells, exercise mats, and every other accessory you’d like conveniently organized.

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