Cable Machines & Functional Trainers

Cable Machines &
Functional Trainers

Life Fitness Cable Motion Technology delivers effective and
versatile multi-dimensional strength training. User-defined
paths of motion allow for nearly endless exercise
possibilities and build balance, strength and power.

Cable Motion™ Meets Customization


Let’s bring your boldest visions to life. Choose from a massive line of Multi-Jungle machines and add-ons to create a unified collection that reflects your unique fitness identity. All Multi-Jungle machines feature Cable Motion™ Technology.

Built for Community, Driven by Results


Let’s combine the unparalleled feel and versatility of a cable machine with a system that also accommodates calisthenics, suspension training, and accessory storage. That’s the concept behind our SYNRGY 90 and 360 Systems. The SYNRGY line-up offers deep customization, space-efficient footprints, and near limitless exercise versatility.  These qualities make it an outstanding choice for small group training environments.

Infinite Training Choices

Cable Machines

Life Fitness selection of Cable Machines are the ultimate training tool for functional fitness. They offer multi-dimensional strength training and user-defined paths of motion for effective strength training that builds balance and stability.

Elevate Your Home Fitness

Home Gyms

Bring the gym experience directly into your living space with Life Fitness Home Gyms. Designed to deliver versatile, effective, and personalized workouts in the comfort of your home.

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